Prayer 89 – Finding a New Home

Are you in the process of finding a new home?  Sometimes finding a new place to live can be very stressful.  The prayer below will help you to open to receiving the highest and most happy experience of finding a home.

150 Prayers for Everyday Living by Robin Duncan

Dear God,
I am exploring options for a new place to live.  Regardless of my past experiences, I am willing for this to be a smooth and joyful experience in every way.  Please decide for me about where it should be, what it should look like and how the details should unfold.  Thank You for providing all of the resources, guidance, supplies, perfect timing and helpful people to ensure that I find the happiest possible place to live.  I am willing to trust You and acknowledge that Your will for me is for complete and total happiness.  I will know when I have found the right place to live because I will feel peaceful on every level.  Thank You, in advance, for an amazing home, neighbors and community that are far beyond my greatest expectations.  I am willing to receive the richness of Your blessings and anticipate a joyful outcome in all respects.  Thy will be done.   Amen

This Prayer is an excerpt from the Miracles in Prayer book by Robin Duncan.
This book includes
 150 Prayers for Everyday Living.

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Robin Duncan

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32 thoughts on “Prayer 89 – Finding a New Home

  1. Thank you Robin for this prayer as I seek exactly this; a new beginning, a new community and new way of living on a new environment. God bless you for this prayer/

  2. My family & I desperately need to find a new place to live. We have one week to find something or else we’ll be placed out in the streets. Please pray for us that God will perform a miracle & keep our family safe/stress free/happy living in peace & happiness in a new home soon!
    Peace & Blessings To All
    Mrs. P.T.

  3. Feel as if my life is in danger where I am currently living, or rather, I feel endangered by those humans currently surrounding me. I pray to G-d for a new place to live and quickly, because my instincts are screaming at me to run as fast and far as I can. Please pray for me.

  4. Please pray for me and my son. We are in desperate need of a place to live. We are in temp housing and must be out by November 30th. We have nowhere to go and no family. I lost my job several months ago which is why we are in this situation. We are also living in a dangerous plce. We are not safe here. We need a miracle!

    1. Hi Julie,
      I am so sorry to hear about your situation. The most important thing for you to do through prayer is to leave room for God to show you the Divine Plan. God’s will is your happiness and if you will leave room for Him, He will show it to you. The temptation is to go into worry, panic and fear and this is not useful. Whenever you are tempted to go back into that place, pause, and turn the situation over again to the One Who Knows how to solve it. Please refer to my Youtube Channels at Fast Track to Peace and RobinDuncan100. There are many tutorials there to help you stay in a peaceful place. Also, go to and click on the video archive for “Turn Around, Look at Me” and watch the video. All of these tools will help you greatly at this time. You can also download my prayer book for free at: I will keep you and your son in my daily prayers. With great love, Robin

    1. Hi Sally,
      I just saw your note. I have been very involved with my Mom for the last 4 months as she has had 3 emergency back surgeries, and my brother and I are her main care-providers. I will definitely add you to my daily prayer list and hope things have smoothed out for you. Sending you much love, Robin

      1. Hope your mom is doing well and on the road to recovery – she’s so fortunate to have two caring children! Thanx for the prayers, I’m out of danger now, it was very scary – but keep me in your prayers as I’m keen to get out of the situation, though safe, I’m in, to a better one!

  5. Please pray for us. Me and my children are currently residing in a domestic violence shelter and I am looking for an apartment to move asap. I founnd one but waiting for an answer. Pleasebpray for us in Jesus nameb amen.

  6. Dear Robin,
    Please pray for me and my 5 year old son. His dad left us and we need to vacate our place before March 25. We have nowhere to go and we need miracles. I have a job that I looked forward to starting next week but I got an email today that it’s on hold because they have a new applicant and would like to interview her first before they can decide. Please Robin, pray for us that we can solve this situation. I want to be out here before we get evicted. Help us pray. Thank you!

  7. Dear Robin, please would you pray for me, I am renting on the property of my landlords and several times they have broken in by picking the lock (I had a padlock installed after they first let themselves in with their spare key), they turn off the electricity, internet, water, make a noise, have physically threatened me twice, once with a hacksaw and today I went to the courts to try and get their help, but it doesn’t happen overnight and I feel that it would be best for my energy to find a new place. Please, pray for me to find a lovely new place that I can afford. I would really appreciate it.

  8. We have to find a new place by next week pretty much. I want to keep all of my children with me and find a safe clean peaceful home. Please pray with me. In Jesus name…Amen. Thank you very much!!!!! Tanesha S. Fields

  9. I am praying for a new home. I will be Homeless in 3 Weeks. I also need financial help to do this also. I am sayind the prayer for anew home and i find comfort in that

  10. My family and i are searching for a new home we have 45days to move i have my eye on one special home that would fit me and my family perfectly. Please pray for me and my family that god will keep me and my family safe, happy, stress free and out of harmes way & also Please pray god will bless me and my family with this beautiful But very affordable home. Thanks for the prayers and god bless!!!!!!.

  11. Please pray for us I got avicted 3 months ago and they are not telling the reason why I have not done anything to deserve this I have three children and it’s very hard I wish that you could answer my pray for me cause I’m not having much luck lately I don’t understand why cause I’m a good person god bless

  12. Praying for a new place to live we are being evicted. Praying for a miracle that we would find something we can afford God help us in Jesus we also pray for money for deposit and first months rent in Jesus Christ Amen

  13. Thank you Robin for this prayer. I was searching the internet looking for a new apartment and came across this prayer. This prayer was exactly what I needed all along, “A Prayer.” This prayer helped ease my stress and remember that the battle is not mine, its the Lord. Thank you again and I will update you on my progress on finding a new home. God Bless you and the readers.

  14. Prayers needed and blessings received as I’m searching for a new place to live with my son who is autistic. I will definitely keep those in need in my daily prayers. God Bless you all

  15. My family need prayer and a miracle we have to find a place to live they have sold the house we live in we do not have the money to move and we have to be out May 1st

  16. Please pray for me and my 8 month old daughter. We have until Monday/Tuesday to at least have a viewing on a place for us to live. If not we will be placed in a travel lodge/ B and B until somewhere becomes available. I would dread to think what living in a hotel will be like with my baby. I have bidded today on a place and I’m within the first 3 positions which is good but the more people bid the high position I go. I’m already on position 3 and if I go any high j won’t get a viewing! It’s been like this for months. Just want my luck to turn. I have faith that God will help me in anyway possible.

  17. Please pray for my 4 children and me. Although I have a great job we have been having problems finding a new place to live. The house we are in (and have rented for 6yrs) had a water main break and we have had a hose running from our landlords house to ours for the last 2 months. I’ve been diligently searching, cleaning up my credit to obtain a mortgage but there arent very many homes for rent and every time I find one I’m a day late and a dollar short. We have 17 days to find somewhere to live, even if it’s a rental home and not one to buy yet…I just need the lord”s help and guidance. Please pray for us. Thank you and prayers to you and your family and to all the others searching for a home

  18. Dear Robin, please would you pray for me to find a new home in which I can feel a sense of safety, dignity, peace, joy, a place which is quiet, unpolluted by smoke, noisy people, noise pollution of any kind, where I can hear birds chirping and insects buzzing, a place that is pretty to the eye, pleasing to the soul, uplifting to the heart, a place I can afford and a place that will welcome me and continue to keep me feeling welcome while I rent there. Thank you Robin.

  19. Hi Robin, I would like so much for you to say a pray for me and my daughter,we are living in a poor area with so much noise in and out of the flat.We have put in for a few bungalows in the local area but we do need some extra help,so could you please pray for us.
    All our love.

  20. My family & I desperately need to find a new place to live. We have from now till October and the finances that God should make it available before then, to find something or else we’ll be placed out in the streets. Please pray for us that God will perform a miracle & keep our family safe/stress free/happy living in peace & happiness in a new home soon!
    Peace & Blessings To All

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