Prayer 85 – Interviews

Do you get nervous before an interview?   Have you considered praying for peace and stillness in your heart and mind before going into a job interview?  This prayer written below will help you to do just that!  Allow this prayer to resonate in your heart and welcome a calming sense of peace to come over you.  We make a reservation for peace for your interview and for the highest and happiest outcome for everyone involved.

150 Prayers for Everyday Living by Robin DuncanDear God,
I am preparing for an interview and I need Your help. I don’t feel completely prepared and I’m concerned about the questions I’ll be asked.  I am learning that it is not up to me to be certain about my own preparedness.  My part is to be willing to be certain about Yours.  I surrender this whole situation to You.  Thank You for guiding me with the perfect thoughts, words, actions and responses to ensure the greatest possible outcome.  Thank You for aligning the right people, timing and circumstances such that everyone involved is blessed by the experience.  Thank You for gathering all of my thoughts and organizing them into their proper channels so that I am ready and prepared to answer any question with ease.  With You as my Source and Guide, I am already successful and there is nothing to fear.  Thy will be done.  Amen

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