Video: How to Use EFT and A Course in Miracles

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Robin Duncan
ACIM Mentor and Personal Online Coach
Video on “How to Use EFT and ACIM”
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In Robin’s 90-Day Crash Course on Healing with A Course in Miracles, it will feel like you have a Personal Online Coach and ACIM Spiritual Mentor right in your own home. Pour yourself a cup of tea and set aside a few minutes each day for your own private, personal healing time with Robin, and she will show you how to calm your mind, release the past, and make room for a much higher and happier life, step-by-step!

This is not your normal “therapy”. This program will give you life-changing tools, techniques, and guidance on how to handle just about any situation with ease and peace.

In this “tools-for-life” program, you will feel like you have an “Emotional Medicine Cabinet” at your fingertips. The tools will be there when you need them like a comforting and trusting friend.

  • If you’re feeling stressed about money, you will have tools to bring down your stress.
  • If you have a friend in the hospital, you’ll have tools, rapid techniques, and prayers to help you cope.
  • If you had a painful childhood, Robin will show you how to let the pain go, so you can FREE yourself!
  • If you are healing from a breakup, you will have tools to move you forward.
  • If you need a morning guided prayer mediation to get you going, it’s all here for you, and so much more!

90-Days of Healing Tools, Techniques, and Inspiration to calm your mind, lift your spirits, and get you feeling good again.

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