Prayer 51 – Selling Property

If you are unsure whether you should move forward in selling your house or property right now, or wait for the future…  It is important to ask first in order to ensure the highest possible outcome.  Everything is done in His perfect timing, not ours.  By thanking Him in advance in advance for a happy, positive outcome, you open the space for miraculous results.

150 Prayers for Everyday Living by Robin DuncanDear God,
It appears to be a good time for me to sell my property.  Before I engage in the selling process, I call upon You to guide my every thought, decision and action step.  Please give me a signal to ensure this is the proper time for me to move forward.  I will know I am listening to Your guidance when I feel peaceful and compelled to take action.  I’d like to make a reservation for peace.  Thank You for an easy, smooth, timely, prosperous and joyful selling experience in all respects.  Thank You for coordinating all of the details of the transaction and gathering the appropriate people and resources to ensure the highest and most happy outcome for everyone involved.  With Your perfect guidance, everything is already aligned, taken care of and being shown to me now.  I gladly receive the blessings, abundance and bounty of Your love.  Thy will be done.  Amen

This Prayer is an excerpt from the Miracles in Prayer book by Robin Duncan.  This book includes 150 Prayers for Everyday Living.

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“It is my great desire that these prayers will help you find peace when you need it the most and also to experience miracles as part of your daily life.  I’d love to hear about your experiences from using the prayers.”
With love,
Robin Duncan

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About Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan has helped thousands of people to release fear-based thinking, reclaim spiritual power, and move beyond obstacles to peace. She is an Spiritual Lecturer on A Course in Miracles and Founder of The Miracle Center of California offering Holistic Training for Practitioners and Rapid Stress Relief for Individuals. Her training programs and retreats are taught online worldwide and also in-person in Southern California. The topics are: A Course in Miracles Spiritual Counseling, Hypnosis and Regression, EFT, The Source Technique, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery and Sound Therapy. Robin infuses the principles of A Course in Miracles in all of her training classes and events. She is a gifted teacher and spiritual mentor and lives her life according to her teachings. Through her heart-centered mentoring and practical “how-to” examples, Robin is known for helping people to feel safe and empowered to let go of what is hurting or holding them back. After 22 years in Executive Financial Management, Robin left her CFO position and made a full transition into Advancement in Spirituality and instructing Practitioners on Holistic Health. Get your FREE Download of Robin's Miracles in Prayer book (150 prayers for everyday living) at:
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