A.I.S. Advancement in Spirituality 2012

A.I.S. is an Accelerated Spiritual Development Course on the principles of A Course in Miracles.
The course includes simple, practical step-by-step examples on how to apply the Course principles in your daily life.  It will help you to bridge what you see and experience in your life with what is true and available.  You will also experience powerful release exercises to help you release fear, anger, frustration, grief, depression, cravings, stress and much more.  We will also use Prayer, EFT, Guided Imagery, Meditation and other effective healing modalities.

Join Robin Duncan starting Friday, January 20th for a journey that is certain to bring light, healing, understanding and a new perception to everything in your life.

Attend In-Person, On-Line … or both!

During this life changing series, Robin Duncan will show you how to move out of fear-based thinking and into a thought-system based on love.  Along with her step-by-step instruction, she will share excerpts from her upcoming book called “The Bridge to the Real World”  (a simple how-to guide for moving through the 7 Zones of Consciousness in your journey back to peace.)

During the A.I.S. Series, you will receive:
~ Inspirational instruction based on A Course in Miracles
~ Thought-provoking exercises to release the pain of the present and past
~ Real-life best practices to model in your own life
~ Step-by-step instruction with practical “how-to” examples
~ Miracle stories to inspire and validate the process
~ In-depth discussions, questions and answers
~ 24/7 Online Forum available with all materials at your fingertips

For more information and to see class times, please go to our website: http://miraclecenterofca.com/advancedspirituality.html

Program Materials available to you:  Instructional Videos, Recordings of Classes, Prayers, Power Point Presentations, Handouts, EFT Cards, Scripts, Release Exercises, Interaction with other students, in-person and online group mentoring, Q & A and yes even … Homework (but you’ll look forward to it!)

Testimonial from one of our Students:
“As a lawyer, I would advise you to put a warning label on this class:  Do not take this class, unless you want to change your life – PERMANENTLY! May cause feelings of peace and happiness.  May even cause you to lighten up.  We are not responsible for the miracles that will happen in your life!”

The A.I.S. Program may be attended In-Person, On-line, or both!
It is structured so you can attend when it is most convenient for you.
Enjoy the A.I.S. Course from your home or office from anywhere in the world…  Or join us in person in Lake Forest, CA.

To Register, or if you have any questions:
Call:  (714) 283-8509
Email:  Info@MiracleCenterofCa.com
The Miracle Center of California

* A.I.S. (Advancement in Spirituality) and our other Professional Training & Certification Programs on Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnosis, Regression, EFT (with our proprietary Source Technique), Life Coaching, Sound Therapy & Voice Analysis include the principles of A Course in Miracles


About Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan has helped thousands of people to release fear-based thinking, reclaim spiritual power, and move beyond obstacles to peace. She is an Spiritual Lecturer on A Course in Miracles and Founder of The Miracle Center of California offering Holistic Training for Practitioners and Rapid Stress Relief for Individuals. Her training programs and retreats are taught online worldwide and also in-person in Southern California. The topics are: A Course in Miracles Spiritual Counseling, Hypnosis and Regression, EFT, The Source Technique, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery and Sound Therapy. Robin infuses the principles of A Course in Miracles in all of her training classes and events. She is a gifted teacher and spiritual mentor and lives her life according to her teachings. Through her heart-centered mentoring and practical “how-to” examples, Robin is known for helping people to feel safe and empowered to let go of what is hurting or holding them back. After 22 years in Executive Financial Management, Robin left her CFO position and made a full transition into Advancement in Spirituality and instructing Practitioners on Holistic Health. Get your FREE Download of Robin's Miracles in Prayer book (150 prayers for everyday living) at: http://FreePrayerBook.com
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