Prayer 39 – Breaking the Pattern of Lack

150 Prayers for Everyday Living by Robin DuncanDear God,
I continue to experience a pattern of not having
enough money and I need Your help.  I am learning that this is happening to me because a part of my mind is committed to the belief that lack and suffering are real. This misperception entered my mind the moment I thought I was separated from You, which in Truth, is not possible and never occurred.  Even though the idea of separation is false, this part of my mind is convinced
that it is true.  In turn, it directs my eyes and senses to perceive lack and suffering in everything I see.  I then use what I see to validate and reinforce my belief in lack.
I am ready to be free of this pattern.  I accept that I have never been separated from You. Lack and suffering are not real and have no power. I will no longer look to illusions to define my reality.  Let the Truth correct all the errors in my mind.   Thy will be done.   Amen

This Prayer is an excerpt from the Miracles in Prayer book by Robin Duncan.
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