Prayer 3 – Faith, Trust and Surrender

Excerpt from Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan
150 Prayers for Everyday Living

Dear God,
I have been going through many challenges and I’ve lost touch with my faith.  I call upon Your love to restore my faith.  I want to experience the happiness that is Your will for me.  When I forget to have faith, I ask that You remind me with very clear signals.  I will not use what I see with my eyes to determine whether or not Your love is at work in my life.  I’m willing to trust You and have faith that You are guiding me safely through every obstacle, and that Your will is for my perfect happiness.  In the presence of Your love, there is nothing to fear.  I seek to remember the safety of Your protection, the bounty of Your love, the wholeness of my being and the abundance of heaven.  Help me to see through Your loving eyes and to think with Your loving thoughts.  I surrender this whole situation to You and ask for a peaceful outcome.  Thy will be done.  Amen

This Prayer is an excerpt from the Miracles in Prayer book by Robin Duncan.
This book includes
 150 Prayers for Everyday Living.

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“It is my great desire that these prayers will help you find peace when you need it the most and also to experience miracles as part of your daily life.  I’d love to hear about your experiences from using the prayers.”
With love,
Robin Duncan

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