A Call for Love

Excerpt from Miracles in Prayer by Robin Duncan …
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“Please pray for me,” she cried, before she hung up the phone.  My longtime friend was once again up against the wall.  Back and forth the pendulum swung, each time bringing her closer to impending disaster.  There had been successes, but each success was always followed by an even darker fate.  With desperation in her voice, she felt her destiny was engraved in stone.  Prayer was the only answer now; the last chance for survival in her progression towards doom.

Even if you’ve never experienced “walking the plank” before, you can probably imagine what it feels like.  Without options, you place one step in front of the other; each step taking you closer to death.  Inside there is only despair and a fleeting hope that God Himself might airlift you to safety.  Already consumed by fear, your heart beats faster and faster.  Your mind is squarely focused on your future of doom.

What now?  Should you pray, squirm, plead, or yell for help, or should you shut your eyes and take it like a man?  Something inside keeps fighting until there’s no fight left.  Something within keeps bargaining until the very last moment.  Your mind tells you that these are your only two options, fight or surrender, and in this case, surrender means loss or death.  In either case, you lose.

What if you learned there is another choice?  Would you be interested?  You might not be, until it is YOU that is on the plank.  Then, you’ll wish you had listened or jotted down some notes.  At that point, the other option will mean everything to you and your fate will depend on your decisive response.

At some point in time, everyone still experiences the plank of doom.  It might involve something large or small.  It might have to do with your job, a relationship, your finances, your family or even your health.  But somewhere along the way, you’ll be presented with a hopeless, impossible situation and you’ll have no idea what to do about it.  With the help of this book, you’ll be ready.  You’ll know what to do and how to respond to ensure your safety and a peaceful outcome.

In A Course in Miracles, it says:

“You are in an impossible situation only because you think it’s possible to
be in one.”
  (Ch. 6 IV.10:1)

If you’re feeling courageous, we can continue on together.  On the following pages, you’ll learn some practical prayers that will help to dissolve your fear and lead you to much greater happiness, health, peace and abundance.  Your lower mind (i.e., your ego mind) won’t like it one bit.  It’s likely to resist these prayers on every level.   It would much rather you clean out a closet or wash your hair, than read this book.  The lower mind or ego is the part of your mind that is dedicated to fear.  As your fear dissolves, your ego dissolves and its death grip on you is undone forever.  The ego does not dissolve without a fight.  It’s like the Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz), dedicated to chaos and determined to cause pain until she is completely dismantled by a splash of water.

Well, get your water glass ready and kiss your fear goodbye.  With your willingness, you have invited miracles.  With a few simple prayers and some daily practice, peace will return to your mind and heart and your lower mind will never control you again.

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